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Fish: 11lb Bream
Angler: Rob Kavanagh
Weight: 11lb
Fishery: Frampton Gravel Pit
Location: South West
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Fish: Australian Salmon
Angler: Matt and Mike
Country: Australia
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Coarse Fishing Hotspot


posted by jack on 09/10/2007
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perch, tench, common carp and mirrors

Best baits:
single maggot, worms, boillies, pellet, meat and sweetcorn

Swim's and Pegs worth trying...
Nearest pegg to mousecroft pond seems to get the most perch

> freeling a single maggot has got me a large amount of perch because they seem to just take the bait from whatever depth. It gets very deep very quickly and there is an immediate drop off to about 3ft all around the pond so you often see perch and tench swimming past. You can pretty much choose the fish you want to catch.

Tips / Comments:
Only discovered this spot about a week ago and got me 12 perch freelining on my first go there. next time i will be ledgering a bunch of worms or luncheon meat for the large tench upto 10lbs there. there are carp there but very rarely caught. you often see them surfacing and im sure there are a few large ghosties in there somwhere. some of the anglers that fish at mousecroft say if they catch a few 10lb commom or mirrors theyll get them in there...and hope to catch them when they're 30pounders! an allround good place to fish.....if you can find it!

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