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Fish: 11lb Bream
Angler: Rob Kavanagh
Weight: 11lb
Fishery: Frampton Gravel Pit
Location: South West
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Fish: Australian Salmon
Angler: Matt and Mike
Country: Australia
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Brown Trout

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Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
'River rocket'
The graceful Brown Trout only survives in cool, unpolluted water. Unlike the Rainbow Trout it is native to Britain, making its home in well oxygenated streams, rivers and lakes.
Vital Statistics:
Scientific Name: Salmo trutta fario
Maximum Weight: 26lb for still waters, 10lb for rivers
Average Weight: 3lb for still waters, 12oz for rivers
Maximum Length: 36 inches
Brown Trout characteristics:
Few fish are more variable in colour than the Brown Trout (or Brownie). Some are silver with several small black spots, others are almost black with a few large red spots. The colour depends on habitat, but most are golden brown with large dark brown spots on the sides, back and dorsal fins and a few large red spots here and there.
Where to find Brown Trout:
Brown Trout prefer rivers, fast flowing but they can also live in still waters.

Feeding Habits:
Brown trout are mainly surface feeders and much of their food is taken in insect form, but on occasions they will become preoccupied with bottom feeding. At times they eat enormous quantities of small water snails and freshwater shrimps as well as worms and other fish.

Brown Trout Baits:
Fly fishing for Brown trout is extremely popular. This is due to the availability of day ticket waters in all parts of the country. For Anglers not interested in day ticket lakes / fisheries there are plenty of rivers and streams which hold brown trout. These can be caught on Fly or more common coarse fishing baits such as maggots, bread flake and probably the most effective a bunch of red worms.

How to catch Brown Trout - Techniques at a glance:
Dapped or floated dry fly, wet fly, nymph, spinning, free lining, roller ledgering or long trotting worm, maggot or bread baits.