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River Frome, Wheatenhurst

Friday 19th November 2010

Recently bemoaning my luck of success over the past couple of seasons whilst after chub on this stretch of river I decided to give it another go today. A cloudless sky and bright sunshine greeted me this morning and didn't inspire much confidence in a successful day's fishing, but as I wasn't going to catch anything sat at home I decided to give it a couple of hours in the afternoon and fish until after dark, hoping that as the light fell the fish may gain confidence.

Arriving shortly after 3pm I was soon strolling along the bank, heading upstream into the copse. Recent high winds had brought a few trees down providing some extra features to try and I started at the top end of the club stretch giving each likely looking spot fifteen minutes or so before moving on downstream. Rig-wise I was using a slightly scaled down version of the rig used the other week at Christian Malford with cheesepaste (now a couple of weeks whiffier) moulded around a cork ball.

As darkness began to fall I settled into the first swim, an old favourite, but one which has only produced bream and hybrids for me over the last season or two, with a couple of overhanging trees on the far bank. Some large boughs had come down in the wind increasing the cover - and snags - accordingly but fortunately my first cast was a good'un, the bait swinging underneath the tangle of branches. Sitting back and touch ledgering I awaited developments....

An almost full moon had risen high, casting long shadows and reflecting on a ground-hugging mist that crept stealthily up on me as I patiently waited for a bite. Although it had been gloriously warm in the sunshine a couple of hours before I now felt a damp chill creeping into my bones, and with no coffee with me to keep it at bay I decided I would head off home at about 5:30, hopefully catching the second episode of Matt Hayes on the telly on my return.

At 5:20 my whole arm got pulled round as a hefty fish gobbled up the cheesepaste and dived for the snags. Managing to steer it away I was forced to backwind as it tried to belt off downstream, and in the darkness I struggled to make out where it was heading. Switching on my headtorch was no use as the beam just reflected back off the low mist reducing the visibility and destroying the night vision I'd developed under the moon so I was forced to play the fish by feel only, keeping the pressure on with the rod high to try and get the fish nearer the surface and away from the waiting snags. After a few boistrous lunges that threatened to pop the cork off the rod I gained the upper hand and a couple of minutes later I was able to slip the net under a small headed but rather long chub. That's gotta be a 4 at least.....

On the scales a very lively chub went 4lb 9oz and I was a very happy bunny indeed. My Frome chub drought was over in the chunky shape of my best ever Frome chub.


Rob, 19/11/2010


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