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Stroudwater Canal

Wednesday 28th April 2010

I returned to the canal periodically on the lookout for those monster chub but to no avail. Undeterred I decided to have a crack at the bream, quivertipping worm or corn. No bream were up for it on this occasion, but a positive rattle of a bite resulted in a big surprise as a flounder took a fancy to my worm and maggot cocktail. It's not a totally isolated incident as I remember a friend of mine catching one from the Gloucester canal many years ago, and my uncle also caught one on the Severn up at Tewkesbury.

Over the next few weeks I had an occasional look, but the building of an extension to the house reduced my chances to get on the bank. Towards the end of May I had an opportunity, so on a scorching hot day I gave it another go. The bream were gathering in large numbers as they prepared to spawn and it was fascinating to watch, although they proved elusive when I tried to catch them, their minds on other things. A golden orfe of about 2lb 8oz was cruising about on the surface and I spent an hour or so feebly attempting to get it to show an interest in float-fished maggot to no avail. All I managed to catch was a plump little rudd, and as I'd forgotten the sunscreen and was beginning to look as red as its fins I decided to call it a day. Again the chub were were not visible but with the weather as hot as it was I couldn't blame them for sitting it out in the dense shade of the lilly-beds or deep under the overhanging sycamore. I hope they will show themselves before the lillies become so large that the area becomes unfishable, but I can't help but fear that I've missed my chance for them this season.........

Rob, 08/07/2010


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